Monday, July 8, 2013

DOMA...thoughts on grace

So recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act - one that strictly defines marriage as between one man and one woman - was unconstitutional.  By this action, the Supreme Court essentially opens the door for states to award civil rights to gay and lesbian couples. (As far as I'm aware, California is the only state to have done so.) Many people are up in arms over this ruling.  "Conservatives" say it's going to be the demise of our great country.  "Liberals" say it's about time.  I wondered...what should "Christians" say.

So, I went to the Lord about it.  I asked specifically about my children.  They will grow up in a society where homosexuality is no longer hidden, but is accepted and often celebrated.  How, as a Christian, do I resolve the tension between believing something is wrong and believing people - ALL people - are loved, absolutely adored in fact, by a wonderful, marvelous, amazing Father God.

I all comes down to grace.  You see, everyone needs it (grace) but I think we're often so busy doling out judgement we're blind to see it.  I need grace.  You need grace. The WalMart employee needs grace. That guy who just cut you off in traffic needs grace. I'm no "better" than you or than a gay person. We're all just people...people in need of grace and the love and forgiveness of a Savior.

What I want to instill in my children is an awareness of grace.  I want them to be moved by their need of it enough to let it change them.  I pray they become people so transformed  by the power of grace that there is no judgement left in them.  Would this be a miracle?  You bet!  But I can ask God for it nonetheless.

For society, I pray that we would no longer be at war with one another.  Animosity and division are breeding grounds for the Enemy.  Grace, on the other hand, along with forgiveness and love are a foundation for God to move and to do His work, which as a Christian is what I should be all about anyway.


  1. Oh, Kel. This is perfect. So beautiful. You have the best heart, and I know that you and Dave are raising two boys who will as well!


  2. Absolutely perfect. I love this, Kelly. You, my dear, radiate Grace through and through.


  3. Thanks Tiff and Amy! I was nervous to write this, since it's such a controversial topic. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for hearing my heart! :)